1st time Iraqi capture the Flag (CTF) this year – which is being Co-Organised by CyberTalents with Step 2 conference team as Co-Host for Iraq Cyber Security CTF Competition. We are working to discover the best Iraqi team to compete in the Arab Regional CTF that will be held in Egypt on 22 September 2019 and the winner of Arab regional qualify to join the Trend Micro International competition in Japan 2019.


concerning the platform includes:

Anyone from Iraq can participate without any adherence to the age or the nationality or Major.

The minimum number of players/team is Two and the maximum number is Three memberschallenges are not allowed before the end of the CTF.

Brute Force attacks on the challenges submission portal or challenges links are not allowed.

Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed and the player might be banned from participating in the CTF.

Any trials for interrupting the CTF, or any unethical behavior, Organizers has the permission to disqualify players.


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